Areas of Work

1. School Social-Work
• Working with children in Nurseries and School pupils. (For example: In small group work, Team work, Sport education, Coaching activities (Helping Teachers in English or other subjects))


2. Advisor
• Protecting the environment, Hygiene and waste Management
• Knowledge of first aid and factors of basic health
• Fund-Raising
• Income generating activities (For example: Processing agriculture products, selling service)

3. Mediator
• Working with Groups (For example: Pedagogical aspects, methods and didactics, group processes and dynamics)
• Self-Evaluation
• Moderating and presentation
• Techniques for negotiation

4. Animator
• Art, Music and Dance
• Sport and games

5. Working with Peoples with Disabilities and street kids
• Support them in academics, education activities and leisure/ social life

6. Social and administrational organs
• Volunteers get an opportunity to be placed in social and administrational organisations to acquire more practical knowledge and experiences which is required or important for their studies and future jobs (For example: Maddo (Masaka Diocesan Development Organisation), Kitovu Printary (Printing Press), Africa Point (A computer and communication Centre in Nnyendo, Masaka))

7. Technical and Vocational Institutions
• Working in the centre for Orphans, and to teach them skills and practical ways of the help through practical activities (St. Cecilia Transitory Home, Kitovu, Bikiira Vocational School, Masaka Social Centre)
• Working with students from the Technical Institutes is another way of learning practical skills which are needed in the everyday life. For example young people learn how to make simple furniture for home use, or even knowing how to paint a house. Volunteers interested get an opportunity to spend some time in the Technical Institutes to acquire some knowledge. (Butende Technical Institute and Kitovu Technical Institute)
• A project which teaches Practical life skills to the young people and adult’s promotion of creativity through: Designing Art, Drawing Pictures, Colouring and Food hygiene. Volunteers help to support local groups by distributing information and practical knowledge etc. 


8. Parish or Local work
• Some Volunteers are based in the area where they life and spend time working between the Churches, Schools and other community facilities with a focus particularly on young people. For example organising Altar Boys and Girls, Carrying out spiritual activities in the parishes.

9. Hospitals and Rehabilitations centres
• Working in Hospitals and Rehabilitations centres like Kitovu Hospital and Health care unit, AIDS Mobile Units like Kitovu Mobile, or Home care. For Medical students who want to make practical experiences in such medical centres.

10. Village and Town work
• Local and community based Youth work
• Teaching literacy skills and encouraging self-Respect, Child and Women rights
• Helping people to overcome the effects of addiction or abuse