Former Volunteers

Here you can see a list of all the former Volunteers and the year/s of there stay.

 Volunteer  Period
 Hanna Harter  2008
 Sabrina Lasar  2008 / 2009
 Beate Klotz  2009
 Michael Haettich  2010
 Kai (Mukiibi) Vogt  2010
 Sara Hoppe  2010
 Anna Hall  2010
 Vivian Sporlein  2010
 Franziska (Nambaziira) Weisshar  2011 / 2012
 Fabian Borghof  2012
 Daniel Roht  2012
 Fabienne Strohm  2012
 Sophia Wolf  2012 / 2013
 Dorothee Wolf  2012 / 2013
 Klemens (Kivumbi) Heisig  2012 / 2013
 Esther (Nansamba) Theurer  2012 / 2013
 Tobias Haensel  2012 / 2013
 Lutz Obenhauer  2013
 Tine (Naluyange) Boelle  2013


Volunteer Comment

Kai (Mukiibi) Vogt
“A wonderful atmosphere at work and a time that expands your awareness in many directions… A big opportunity to give and a bigger one to learn. Thank you for the lections about serenity, intercultural communication, altruism and lust for life! Thank you YCWM!”

Karin Schnur
“For me it was an unforgettable and formative time… I know that I will come back.”

Franziska (Nambaziira) Weisshar
“To be volunteer in the YCWM means to live, pray and work with the people from Uganda. It’s the best possibility to get to know a bit of the culture and the way of living. Am happy that I could spend so much time with these amazing people. I t is a unique experience I don’t want to miss!”

Klemens (Kivumbi) Heisig
“For me it was a very impressive time in Uganda. To be together with and to get to know new people and a different culture. A time which taught me a lot, I never will forget.”

Esther (Nansamba) Theurer
“I think it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life, to go to Uganda for 6 months! After only a very short time I already felt „at home“, because the Ugandans are all so friendly. I also learnt so many things you can´t learn at school or from books: Having time for each other, feeling happy about the little things, being open minded. It was a very important experience which I never want to miss!”

“The best experience I ever had!”