Gulu Archdiocese










1. History
In the year 2007, CWM came to Gulu and it started in four pilot parishes. These parishes are Holy Rosary, St. Mauritz, St. Josephs Cathedral and Lacor Catholic Parish. Today the CWM in Gulu has 535 members in twelve different Base Groups.


 Chairperson  Willy Moses Sunday
 Vice Chairperson (+ CW-SLA Coordinator)  Martina Okello
 Treasurer  Santa Layet
 Youth Representative  Daphline Akera
 Women Representative  Margret Odoki
 Project Coordinator  Wilfred Ocen
 Publicity Secretary  Thomas Ocirewijok
 Field Secretary  Amito Kevin
 Chaplain  Rev. Fr. Santo Onen

3. Base Groups
CWM Gulu has twelve Base Groups. These are found in the following parishes:

1. Lacor (2 Base Groups)
2. Holy Rosary (2 Base Groups)
3. Anaka (1 Base Group)
4. St. Joseph´s (3 Base Groups)
5. St. Mauritz (1 Base Group)
6. Lukome (2 Base Groups)
7. Minakulu (1 Base Group)

4. CW-SLA Groups
Four SLA Groups came up in these Parishes:
1. St. Mauritz
3. St. Josephs
2. Holy Rosary
4. Lukome Parish

5. CW-SLA Support Team

 Supervisor  Amito Kevin
 Analyst  Latim Peter Donaldson
 Analyst  Lapat Susan
 Trainer  Akullu Pamela
 Trainer  Akera Daphline

6. Youth- & Women´s Desk
At the moment CWM Gulu has no Women’s Desk, but three Youth Groups in the following Parishes:

Lacor Parish (Pagak Youth Group)
St. Josephs (CW – SLA Gulu Youth)
Lukome Parish (Ocer Foundation Youth)

7. Projects
This is a list of all projects which are founded, supported or build up by CWM Gulu itself.
1. Bee Keeping
2. Children Education Project

Furthermore these projects are in planning:
1. School Constructing
2. Metal Fabrication
3. Life Stock
4. Fish Farm
5. Poultry

8. Activities
Next to the SLAs and the projects, CWM Gulu organises the following activities.
1. Pilgrimage for the northern Martyrs (20th Oct.)
2. Prayer and Peace Week Celebration
3. Labour Day Celebration (1st May)
4. Support of the Needy
5. DEXCO Meetings