Hoima Diocese

1. History
In the year 2004, CWM came to Hoima Diocese with pilot parishes of Magoma, Mugalike, Nyamigisa, Butema and Bulindi. CWM 
was to address developmental challenges faced by the rural Catholic workers in the world of work such as; poor leadership in society coupled with un equal sharing of resources, inaccessibility to information and lack of knowledge and skills in respective areas of work such as modern technologies, better methods of production, better markets and gainful employment especially for the rural peasants. Absence of a well-focused, viable and sustainable strategy to address the poverty problem in the region was another challenge.

All in all Catholic Workers Movement was inaugurated in Hoima to be a forum to address such developmental challenges.


 Chairperson  Mugisa Dick Komurubuga
 Vice Chairperson (+ CW-SLA Coordinator)  Rubumbi Sarah Marie
 Treasurer  Majwara Justine
 Youth Representative  Byabazaire Policap
 Women Representative  Nasejje Madrine
 Project Coordinator  Kaahwa Vincent
 Publicity Secretary  Tusiime Simplicio
 Field Secretary  Kiiza Lucia
 Chaplain  Fr. Jude Ategeka

3. Base Groups
CWM Hoima has eight Base Groups. These ones are found in the following parishes:

1. Bulindi 5. Kakindo
2. Kitoba 6. Mugalike
3. Butema 7. St. Monica
4. Igayaza 8. Magoma
4. CW-SLA Groups
Six SLA Groups came up in these Parishes:

1. Butema (1 SLA Group)
2. Bulindi (2 SLA Groups)
3. Mugalike (1 SLA Group)
4. Magoma (1 SLA Group)
5. Butema (1 SLA Group)

5. CW-SLA Support Team

 Supervisor  Kiiza Lucia
 Analyst  Aliguma Wilfred
 Analyst  Mwesige Peter
 Trainer  Kitata Benson
 Trainer  Sekitoleko Joseph

6. Youth- & Women´s Desk
At the moment CWM Hoima has no Youth Desk and no Women´s Desk.

7. Projects
This is a list of all projects which are founded, supported or built up by CWM Hoima itself.
1. Butema Vocational School
2. St. Kizito Nursery School

8. Activities
There is Information missing!
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