Jinja Diocese

  1. History

In the year 2003 CWM came to Jinja, and it started in the Cathedral Parish as the pilot. Unfortunately the Movement no longer exists in this Cathedral Parish but has so far spread to five other parishes of Walukuba, Iganga, Busowa, Buswale and Budini.

  1. DEXCO

 Chairperson  Sserunjogi Joseph
 Vice Chairperson  Kiirya Specioza
 Treasurer  Alule Christopher
 Youth Representative  Namufuta Deziranta
 Women Representative  Kaghala Sarah
 Project Coordinator (+ CW-SLA Coordinator)  Baligeya George Stephen
 Publicity Secretary  Onek William
 Field Secretary  Betty Namuyingo
 Chaplain  Rev. Fr. Charles Kapupa
  1. Base Groups
    The CWM in Jinja has seven Base Groups. These ones are to find in the following parishes:
    1. Iganga
    2. Bugodi
    3. Luyira
    4. Walukuba
    5. Busowa
    6. Buswale
    7. Budini
  2. CW-SLA Groups
    Eight SLA Groups came up in these Parishes:
1. Iganga Parish (6 SLA Groups)
2. Walukuba Parish (2 SLA Groups)
  1. CW-SLA Support Team
 Supervisor  Magunda Joseph Francis
 Analyst  Kasadha Henry Muteguya
 Trainer  Mangeni Joseph
 Trainer  Mutesi Maria Gorret
 Trainer  Muhooza Isaac
 Trainer  Maende Richard
  1. Youth- & Women´s Desk
    At the moment CWM Jinja has no Women’s Desk, but three Youth Groups in the following Parishes:
Iganga Parish (Claver Youth)
  1. Projects
    This is a list of all projects which are founded, supported or built up by CWM Jinja itself.
    1. Piggery
    2. Poultry
    3. Bee Keeping
    4. AgricultureFurthermore there is a Catering Service (Food, Chairs, Tents & Music System) in planning.
  2. Activities
    Next to the SLAs and the projects, CWM Jinja organises the following activities.
    1. DEXCO Meetings
    2. Monthly Base Group Meetings
    3. Labour Day Celebration (1st May)