Kabale Diocese



1. History
In the year 2012 CWM came to Kabale, and it started in four pilot parishes. These parishes are Christ the King-Kabale, Rukungiri, Nyamwegabira und Gisoro. Today the CWM in Kabale has 417 members in twelve Base Groups.


 Chairperson  Nkurikiye John
 Vice Chairperson  Mazanira Betty
 Treasurer (+ CW-SLA Coordinator)  Agaba John Bosco
 Youth Representative  Turyabahuka Hillary
 Women Representative  Tumuheirwe Mary Martin
 Project Coordinator  Tagobya Prosper
 Publicity Secretary  Bahinyoza Cosmas
 Field Secretary  Barigye Emmanuel
 Chaplain  Rev. Fr. John Vianney Mbonigaba

3. Base Groups
CWM Kabale has twelve Base Groups. They are found in the following parishes:

1. Rukungiri (4 Base Groups)
2. Gisoro (2 Base Groups)
3. Nyamwegabira (4 Base Groups)
4. Christ the King Kabale (1 Base Group)
5. Nyambale (1 Base Group)
4. CW-SLA Groups
Twelve SLA groups came up in Kabale, in the following Parishes:

1. Rukungiri (1 SLA Group)
2. Gisoro (3 SLA Groups)
3. Nyamwegabira (4 SLA Groups)
4. Christ the King-Kabale (2 SLA Groups)
5. Nyakibale (2 SLA Groups)

5. CW-SLA Support Team

 Supervisor  Barigye Emmanuel
 Analyst  Agaba Reminnah
 Analyst  Muhereza Jude
 Trainer  Barigye Emmanuel
 Trainer  Byaruhanga Levis
 Trainer  Nahabwe Penninah
 Trainer  Nshimye Charles

6. Youth- & Women愀 Desk
At the moment CWM Kabale has no Youth Desk, and no Women愀 Desk.

7. Projects
This is a list of all projects which are founded, supported or built up by CWM Kabale itself.
1. Fish pound
2. Catering Service

8. Activities
Next to the SLAs and the projects, CWM Kabale organises the following activities.
1. DEXCO Meetings
2. Parish Executive Meetin gs
3. Engagements in the Church (e.g. Choir, Readings)
4. Organisation of Workshops
5. Radio Talk Shows