Supported projects

The CWM is also supporting Schools by the acquisition of learn materials and building up class rooms, offices, libraries or sanitation facilities. Not just through financing, they also help by the construction itself. These schools are Nursery-, Primary-, Secondary- and Vocational-Schools.
GEspecially in the case of an emergency, for example when school buildings are hit by heavy storms, the CWM helps to repair them. There are also long term partnerships where the organisation is permanently supporting the schools or financially helping single students.

Two schools like that are in Hoima, in Butema parish.


Right now they still have a problem with the water supply, but the CWM is already working to put up a big water tank on top of a hill which is close to the schools. This one will supply the schools and the close by parish house with water.

In Kasese in the parish of Ibanga the CWM helped, with the support of the parents,


by the financing, organisation and construction of a new school building, with two class rooms and a sanitation facility.

In Masaka there exists the Adrian Kindergarten, since 2010.


It has been build up by CWM, with the support of the Kindermissionswerk “Die Sternsinger“ from Germany. Many children there are supported, either from CWM or through a sponsorship from Germany. Furthermore in the area of the Kindergarten is also a centre of an YCWM group, which meets there for different activities.