Tororo Archdiocese



1. History
In the year 2011, CWM was introduced to Tororo and it started in ten pilot parishes each in a different Deanery. Currently still active in those Parishes with a total of  fourteen Base Groups.


 Chairperson (+ CW-SLA Coordinator)  Gizamba Rose Mary
 Vice Chairperson  Mulumbania Valentine
 Treasurer  Onyait Angella
 Youth Representative  Ariong Jeremiah
 Women Representative  Eliwa Josephine
 Project Coordinator  Muzaki Margret
 Publicity Secretary  Ochieng Antony
 Field Secretary  Okurut Julius Arecho
 Chaplain  Rev. Fr. Aquinas Outa

3. Base Groups
The CWM in Tororo has 14 Base Groups. These are found in the following parishes:

1. Budadiri (2 Base Groups)
2. Gangama (2 Base Groups)
3. Pallisa (2 Base Groups)
4. Osia (1 Base Group)
5. Kwapa (1 Base Group)
6. Kapchorwa (2 Base Groups)
7. Busia (1 Base Group1)
8. Nagongera (1 Base Group)
9. Magale (1 Base Group)
10. Mulagi (1 Base Group)

4. CW-SLA Groups
Twelve SLA Groups came up in these Parishes:

1. Budadiri (2 SLA Groups)
2. Pallisa (8 SLA Groups)
3. Gangama (1 SLA Group)
4. Kapchorwa (1 SLA Group)

5. CW-SLA Support Team

 Supervisor  Okurut Julius Arecho
 Analyst  Nanzala Esther
 Analyst and Trainer  Ariong Jeremiah
 Trainer  Wamanga Emmanuel
 Trainer  Ochom Julius
 Trainer  Okituk Simon

6. Youth- & Women´s Desk
At the moment CWM Tororo has no Youth Desk, and no Women´s Desk.

7. Projects
This is so far the only project which is founded, supported and built up by CWM Tororo itself.
1. Coffee tree nursery 

8. Activities
Next to the SLAs and the projects, CWM Tororo organises the following activities.
1. DEXCO meetings

2. CW- SLA meetings (biweekly)

3. Participation in church activities

4. Outreach visits to members’ families